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The pump for the toughest jobs

Lamella Pump

Lamella Pump

The JS Lamella Pump is the original one and is well-known for its high quality and extensive durability, even in the toughest environments.

Lamella pumps are specifically designed to handle high-viscosity fluids and semi-solid materials. This makes them the best-suited choice for food processing and other similar industries.

The lamella pump is a high-viscosity pump, and it is suitable for raw material transportation, pumping fish and cut-offs, bone, and offal transfer, as well as animal by-products. Its suitability is proven and verified for its many purposes, as the pump is installed in industries within fish processing, animal rendering, and pet food, as well as abattoirs all over the world. The pump is available in several different versions, thus enabling a perfect fit for your specific production needs.

The unique construction of the JS Lamella pump solutions enables it to pump larger and tougher particles such as bones, tissues, and fat. This enables the pumping of non-homogeneous products over long distances. One of several advantages is to keep the product in a closed pipe system, which reduces hygienic problems and odors. 

Because of the pump's compact design and ability to pump in a closed pipe system, the JS Lamella Pump replaces other systems such as screw conveyors, progressive cavity pumps, pressure tanks and conveyor belts. Additionally, this type of high-viscosity pump has lower energy and maintenance costs and a higher capacity. The JS Lamella Pump does not require any manual operation, which reduces the risk of injuries as well as the costs of wages.

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So, what exactly is a lamella pump?

The world of industry and manufacturing is supplied with technologies that often remain obscured behind the scenes for the public. One such remarkable technology is the lamella pump. A form of positive displacement pump, the lamella pump is distinguished for its ability to handle high-viscosity fluids with the ease of a seasoned tightrope walker.

The lamella pump solution is essential when it comes to moving thick, gooey substances that would otherwise put up a very strong fight. They're not just good at their job, they're downright phenomenal.

The lamella pump for food processing equipment provides an elegant solution for handling all kinds of viscous and semi-solid materials. Tomato paste, anyone? How about molasses or possibly chocolate? Lamella pumps can handle them all without breaking a sweat. They take these prickly problems and transform them into smooth operations.

The rotor is suspended centrally in the pump house. Two lamellas are placed in the rotor which creates four large pumping chambers. The lamellas are guided by the cam discs in the pump housing, thereby causing a displacement of the product.

Furthermore, a lamella pump is a type of pump that uses a series of inclined plates, called lamellas, to move the product that needs to be pumped.

The product enters the pump and flows between the inclined plates, which causes the product to flow in an upward direction. As the product flows upward, it is forced through a discharge outlet at the top of the lamella pump. The angle and spacing of the inclined plates can be adjusted to change the flow rate and pressure of the product being pumped.

Lamella pumps are commonly used in industrial applications for pumping thick, heavy products unfit for ordinary pumps.

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The industry is teeming with options. Each is designed to tackle specific operational challenges:

  • Gear Pumps: They are revered for their simplicity because they are reliable and efficient in handling a wide range of viscosities.

  • Progressive Cavity Pumps: These can handle a mix of liquid and solid content with ease, which makes them ideal for wastewater treatment and oil industries.

  • Peristaltic Pumps: A godsend for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, these pumps are lauded for their ability to maintain product integrity.

  • Lobe Pumps: Much like our lamella pumps - and the ones we recommend, lobe pumps are suitable for sensitive and abrasive media in the food and beverage industry.

The unique construction of the JS lamella pump enables it to pump larger and tougher particles such as bones, tissues, and fat.

This makes it exceptionally great for pumping raw materials like animal by-products and industrial fish in the rendering industry. The pump can also handle cooked products before the liquids are separated.

Lamella pumps are particularly useful for pumping thick and heavy products, such as meat and bones. They are also used in industrial processes where the pumped product is abrasive or corrosive.

Further suitable applications:

  • Animal fat rendering
  • Animal waste / by-product rendering - fish, cattle, pigs, poultry.
  • Meat rendering
  • Rendering in food processing industries in generel

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Lamella pumps are commonly used to substitute or replace other types of positive displacement pumps, particularly where other pumps may be less efficient or cause damage to the product being pumped.

Some examples of products that can be substituted with a lamella pump include:

  • Gear pumps: Lamella pumps can handle higher-viscosity products and are less prone to damage from abrasives.

  • Diaphragm pumps: Lamella pumps can be more efficient and have a longer service life.

  • Centrifugal pumps: Lamella pumps can handle high-viscosity fluids and can often operate at a lower speed, reducing wear and maintenance.

  • Piston pumps: Lamella pumps can be more efficient and may have a longer service life, particularly when handling high-viscosity fluids.

In general, lamella pump solutions are a smart choice for applications where the pumped product is thick, abrasive or contains solids. They can also be a better choice when the pump may be subject to significant wear and tear, as they are designed to handle tough applications and require less maintenance over time.

The JS Lamella Pump does not require any manual operation, which reduces the risk of injuries.  

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The term "lamella" refers to the design of the impeller, which consists of two discs with angled fins or vanes that create a series of chambers.

The impeller rotates within a casing, drawing fluid into the chambers and then expelling it through the outlet.

The unique design of the lamella pump makes it well-suited for handling thick or viscous fluids, as well as fluids containing solids or abrasives. The other names used for lamella pumps generally describe specific features or variations of the design, e.g.:

  • Lamella Impeller
  • Heavy-Duty pump
  • Industrial pump
  • Transfer pump
  • Self-priming pump

It's a complex question, and the answer is, inevitably, "It depends."

The choice relies on the specific needs of your application, the nature of the fluid, and other operational parameters like temperature, pressure, and chemical compatibility. The consistency and behaviour of the substance play a crucial role in determining the best pump for viscous fluids. Whether it's thick like molasses or filled with solid particles like wastewater sludge, each fluid has its unique requirements when it comes to pumping.

Your best bet is to work closely with an experienced pump provider who can guide you to make an informed decision. Contact us if you need our professional guidance.

Remember to consider this:

  • Durability: When dealing with viscous fluids, your pump needs to be robust, reliable and durable.

  • Efficiency: The pump should handle your fluid without causing excessive energy consumption or loss of productivity.

  • Maintenance: Let's face it, no one wants a pump that demands more attention than necessary. Choose solutions that offer hassle-free maintenance like JS Maintenance Mate

Regular monitoring of lamella pumps isn't something to just pass the time. It's a lifeline for ensuring their smooth operation. By keeping an eye on pump performance, you can detect potential issues before they escalate into full-blown disasters. 

Lamella pump monitoring can save you from costly downtime, improve efficiency and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

  • Cost: Don't let the price tag fool you. The initial cost may seem steep, but it's the long-term operation and maintenance costs that you should worry about.

When hygiene is paramount

Easy Clean Lamella Pump


The JS Easy Clean Lamella Pump solutions are designed for industries where hygiene is paramount.

The pumps have the same characteristics as our standard pumps but with the addition of a hinged side cover. This allows one side of the pump to be opened, which makes it much more accessible for cleaning and inspection.

JS Proputec A/S offers all varieties of pumps in stainless steel for industries with higher demands and standards. JS supplies pumps fabricated for food processing equipment, all in accordance with Regulation EN 1935/2004.

Quality and Development

Food Processing equipment


“The Original Lamella Pump” was developed by JS Proputec A/S. Through many years of development and with a focus on functionality and quality JS is now the leading manufacturer of the Lamella pump used for highly viscous fluids.

All our pumps are designed and manufactured at our factory in Denmark. Every pump is made to our high standards for quality and durability. Often, the development is in close cooperation with our customers. We are always open-minded to any kind of innovative lamella pump solutions.

We acknowledge the reliability of the pumps as a crucial factor in our customer's production line. This is why JS Proputec A/S never compromises with quality. The pumps are manufactured in high-quality steel, thereby achieving a very high resistance to wear. All our lamella pump solutions can be supplied with hardened steel parts for the toughest applications.

The design of the pump allows for every single part to be replaced, rather than whole sections of the pump. All spare parts are produced locally, and JS offers a full overhaul of the pumps at our factory in Denmark or locally at our distributor's workshop.


The following capacity charts will give you an indication of which lamella pump will suit your needs in regard to how much pumping of high-viscosity fluids is required.

The diagrams are to be read as follows:
Firstly, you will need to decide how many cubic meters you need to pump. Select the number on the m3/h-axis. In this example 50 cubic meters per hour.

Continue along the x-axis until you hit the red line “efficiency”. On the x-axis, you can now read how many revolutions per minute (rpm) you need – in this case approx. 31 rpm.

Go back up the y-axis until you hit the actual pressure (bar) and on the y-axis, you can now determine the size of the gear motor, you will need – in this case, approx. 11 KW.

Technical specifications

JS Lamella Pumps comes in six different sizes. See the technical specifications for each size/model below.

  100/30 150/45 200/60 250/70 350/90 400/115 450/140
Capacity (m3/h) 0,3-3 2-10 5-20 10-30 20-70 30-120 50-200
Max. Recommended Operational Pressure (bar) 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Max. Design Pressure (bar) 15 15 15 15 15 15 15
Pipe length (m)
Depends on type of product
1-300 1-300 1-300 1-300 1-300 1-300 1-300
Min. Recommended Pipe connections (Ø mm) 80 100 150 200 250 300 350
Length (mm) A 402 530 629 670 860 964 969
Total height (mm) B 200 375 468 500 640 801 785
Centre height (mm) C 115 221 283 304 367 445 495
Flange inlet outside (mm) ø85 186×200 236×240 306×260 405×405 460×444 534×484
Flange inlet inside (mm) ø80 106×120 156×160 206×160 296×281 336×320 384×334
Flange outlet outside (mm) ø85 186×200 236×240 306×260 405×350 460×404 534×460
Flange outlet inside (mm) ø80 106×120 156×160 206×160 296×223 336×280 384×310
Weight (kg) 60 110 220 320 570 860 1.050
Stainless steel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mild steel No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

JS Easy Clean Solution

The Easy Clean Solution makes inspection, cleaning, and removing blocking objects easy.

Normally, a lamella pump is a closed, with the inspection lid as the only option to access the inside of the pump. With the JS Easy Clean Solution, you can open the entire side of the pump within minutes. This means that if a foreign object is blocking the pump, you can simply open the pump and eliminate the blockage without removing the pump from the system. This task will normally take several hours, which equals several hours of set-back in production.

The Easy Clean solution can also be used for general maintenance, which makes the task of inspecting the pump for wear far easier. Discovering wear at an early stage can save a lot of costs in damage later in the production phase if corrected in due time.

For hygienic installations such as pet food, the JS Stainless Easy Clean lamella pump is the perfect choice. The pump can be certified for food processing equipment according to EU regulation EC 1935/2004.

Please contact us for further information.

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