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Committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring about the environment

JS Proputec has a long tradition of delivering high-quality products and functional solutions to its customers. The position as a credible and competent supplier to the slaughter, pet food, fish and rendering industry is a result of a focused and factual approach to questions such as what the customer's needs are for a solution and how to make it a reality in a functional and cost-effective way.

However, JS Proputec's new strategy includes a new pillar that is part of the company's vision for the future on an equal footing with the remaining strategic goals.

The new area is characterized by a factual and concrete approach, and it is necessary if the ambition to become a market leader in the industry in this field is to become a reality.

The new area is a commitment to activate initiatives towards sustainable growth bearing in mind the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).



Good business
- for customers and for JS Proputec

There are several reasons why JS Proputec is involved in the green agenda.

First and foremost, the company is committed to the ambition of creating a more sustainable future for future generations. But it is also no secret that sustainability is good business - both for JS Proputec but especially for the company's customers, who receive products and solutions that meet sustainable competitive parameters.

JS Proputec has identified three  business models that have a particularly great potential to make a significant and sustainable difference.

In each area, the company has defined clear ambitions year by year, and work is already underway. Check is out below.



IoT and data-optimized operation

The new IoT unit on pumps from JS Proputec - also called JS Maintenance Mate® - makes it possible to collect operational data about each pump in real-time.

This enables the optimization of the pump's operation and reduces the customer's energy consumption. Energy consumption during operation accounts for 81% of the pump's total CO2 emissions over its lifespan.

Complete oversight of the pump's operation also improves the opportunity to perform the right maintenance with the right frequency so that there is no waste of resources on too frequent service intervals. Additionally, the overview makes it possible to plan service well in advance and order the right spare parts - minimizing costly breakdowns and production stops for the customer - and get it done when there is already planned downtime in production.

Data from the pumps also form the basis for analysis and advice from JS Proputec, ensuring that the solution fits the customer's needs and is neither too large and expensive nor too small and thus prone to frequent breakdowns.

JS Maintenance Mate® is good for the overall consumption of resources and energy - and it is good for customers' business and finances.

JS Proputec expects JS Maintenance Mate® to be fully rolled out and operational on all new pumps by the end of 2023. Read more about the solution here.



Optimized design and production

JS Proputec is already working intensively to reduce energy consumption and the amount of material waste in production - especially for steel, which is an energy- and CO2-heavy material.

By updating the design of products and solutions, JS Proputec will also optimize and reduce the consumption of materials in each product.

New and more efficient construction methods and processing techniques will be integrated into production. These initiatives reduce the strain on the planet's resources, but they also help keep production costs - and thus prices - down for customers.

By the beginning of 2024, JS Proputec will collaborate closely with our suppliers to reduce the steel waste percentage by 10%.




Documentation and Material Passports

Material passports ensure that JS Proputec focuses on what the company's products contain and what they should contain.

But a material passport is also a requirement that more and more customers are facing from their own customers or authorities such as IMO, which they will have to meet in the future to operate a healthy and attractive business.

JS Proputec is already developing its own documentation on the content of our products, and already in 2023, the company will present its own material passport, which will be verified by a technical service partner and will provide a complete overview of what a pump contains.

In addition, JS Proputec is accommodating to customers who have other and special documentation needs or who face special documentation requirements.


A wealth of other initiatives

In addition to the 3 green business models, JS Proputec has concrete sustainable ambitions and sub-ambitions in several other areas. The many points are particularly related to the UN SDGs on health and well-being, quality education, and responsible consumption and production.


JS Proputec will, among other things:

  • Choose suppliers based on, among other things, CO2 emissions and sustainability (2024).
  • Require its suppliers' recycling rates (2024).
  • Offer take-back of its own products in Scandinavia (2025).
  • Invest in solar panels that can deliver 60,000 kWh per year (2024).
  • Reduce energy and heat consumption by 10% (2024) and 20% (2025), respectively.
  • Replace company cars and small trucks with electric vehicles (2025).
  • Improve employee well-being and be one of Denmark's Best Workplaces (2025).
  • Reduce packaging consumption by 50% (2024) and use 100% recycled packaging (2030).
  • Purchase 20% of all steel with 20% less CO2 emissions.

The combination of the 3 green business models and the long list of other green initiatives and improvements will bring JS Proputec closer to its ambition of becoming the industry's leading producer in the sustainable field.

The sustainability effort will be continuously evaluated and expanded in the coming years. Follow JS Proputec on LinkedIn to stay updated.



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