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Perfect on / off control

Knife Gate Valve

A perfect on / off control solution

Knife Gate Valve


We recommend equipping your lamella pump installation with knife gate valves for best possible flexibility during production halt, service, and maintenance.

 The design of the body and seat assures non-clogging shutoff on suspended solids.

Knife Gate Valve

Customized Square Port


For isolating the pump during standby or maintenance, the knife gate valve is installed directly before the lamella pump inlet and feed hopper outlet.

  • Valve body Carbon steel
  • Valve Gate Stainless Steel
  • Handwheel operated
  • Designed to fit the square inlet of all JS lamella pump sizes

Knife Gate Valves adjusted for outlet

For standard piping


To prevent product in the piping to flowback during service and maintenance.

Note: In cases where pumps are installed with Easy Clean – This knife gate makes it possible to open the pump without emptying the pipe system.

  • Valve body in Carbon steel
  • Valve Gate Stainless Steel
  • Pneumatic operated
  • Inductive sensor and magnet valves etc.

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