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Pet food processing equipment

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Pet food processing


JS Proputec offers top-notch solutions for the transportation, grinding, and handling of raw materials essential for pet food manufacturing globally. When it comes to pet food processing equipment, our expertise is unmatched. We understand the significance of every step in the production chain.

Pet food processing equipment is often overlooked, but at JS Proputec, we recognize its crucial role. Our comprehensive range includes specialized lamella pumps vital for pet food manufacturing equipment.

Moreover, our innovative solutions are designed to optimize the pet food production process, ensuring efficiency and quality at every stage. Trust JS Proputec for cutting-edge solutions in pet food processing equipment.

Unloading of truck


The raw materials used in the pet food processing industry are often received by truck. JS Proputec manufactures customized unloading bins to fit the exact space that is needed before the pet food manufacturing process can begin. The unloading bin is often combined with a lamella pump or a screw conveyor for further handling and transportation, which helps the overall process.

All materials used for the raw material handlilng can be certified under the EU regulation for food contact materials EC no. 1935/2004.

Raw material transportation

The JS lamella pump stands out as the premier solution for transporting high-viscosity media such as fish and animal by-products, crucial elements in pet food processing equipment.

This lamella pump's robust design ensures efficient movement over extended distances, facilitating the handling and transportation of materials destined for cat or dog food manufacturing processes, among other applications.

Streamlining transportation with the JS lamella pump enhances the entire pet food processing workflow, promoting smoother operations and increased efficiency.

In addition, JS offers top-of-the-line screw conveyors, perfect for shorter distances, further complementing our suite of high-quality pet food processing equipment. Trust JS for unmatched reliability and performance in pet food processing solutions.                           

Feeding of plate freezers


Due to the steady flow, the JS lamella pump can be used to feed the plate freezers in pet food processing and pet food manufacturing.

For this application, we recommend the JS HP Lamella pump, which is better for the material from grinders, which has a lower viscosity, than the raw material. This pump also comes in different sizes. With help from one of our employees, we ensure that you find the pump or solution suited for the specific needs of manufacturing equipment in your pet food processing facility .

For a case reference, please click on the button below and download the case from Rogaland Pelsdyrförlag AL.

Lamella Pumps in the pet food processing industry

Lamella pumps offer a range of benefits within pet food processing that streamline the production process and enhance product quality.

Here are a few advantages:


Efficiency: Lamella pumps are highly efficient at separating solids from liquids. This is crucial in pet food processing, where precise ingredient ratios are essential for product consistency and quality. The pump’s ability to handle high volumes of material quickly helps speed up production and reduce processing times, which is an advantage at more levels than one.

Reliability: Reliability is a key factor in pet food production to ensure that each batch meets the required standards. Lamella pumps provide consistent, solid, and reliable performance, ensuring uniformity in the processing of ingredients and the final product. This reliability minimizes variations in product quality and enhances customer satisfaction.

Waste Reduction: Lamella pumps effectively separate solids from liquids, minimizing waste in the processing of pet food ingredients. By efficiently extracting valuable components from raw materials, these pumps contribute to cost savings and sustainability efforts within the industry.

Hygiene and Safety: Maintaining high levels of hygiene and safety is paramount in pet food processing to prevent contamination and ensure product integrity. Lamella pumps are designed with sanitary features and easy-to-clean surfaces, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and cross-contamination.

Versatility: Lamella pumps can handle a wide range of materials, including viscous liquids, slurries, and fibrous solids, making them versatile tools in pet food processing. Whether processing meat, vegetables, or grains, these pumps offer reliable performance across various ingredients and formulations.

Cost-Effectiveness: In addition to their efficiency and reliability, lamella pumps offer long-term cost savings through reduced maintenance requirements and energy-efficient operation. Their robust construction and durable components minimize downtime and repair costs, making them a cost-effective investment for pet food manufacturers.

Overall, the excellence of lamella pumps within pet food processing lies in their ability to optimize efficiency, ensure consistency, minimize waste, uphold hygiene standards, offer versatility, and provide cost-effective solutions.

By incorporating lamella pumps into their processing operations, pet food manufacturers can enhance productivity, quality, and profitability.

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