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Keep downtime to a minimum

Durable Lamella pumps


Even though we deliver durable products with all our lamella pump solutions, we are aware that accidents and defects still happen. And in the worst instances, it can cause expensive downtime in any manufacturing.

To prevent and hopefully avoid this, we offer reparations and renovation of any of your old pumps and other JS equipment in need of such.

Furthermore, we have an extensive number of spare parts in stock to ensure quick replacements worldwide.

Need to refurbish a pump?

Please contact us if you need to refurbish a pump so we may determine the exact price.

We always take into consideration any kinds of special circumstances which may influence the price. This is mostly the case when the mechanical sealings, the pumphouse and/or the rotor are damaged. In such cases, those parts will be repaired after the bill, or the damaged parts of the lamella pump will be replaced. 

JS Proputec always contacts the customer with cost estimates on the work for approval before any repair work is done. We believe that reparations can help all our products do better work. However, we also realize that there will come a time when certain parts simply need to be replaced. When high-viscosity pumps deal with so much work it is bound to take its toll on the equipment.

In close cooperation with each customer, it is our goal to find the best solution for refurbishment.

Mandatory service / renovation

Mandatory Service at every service check
Bearing, Axle Nut, Lock Ring, Lamella, Wearing Bar A & B, Cam Disc, Wearing Plate, Grease Nipple, Visual Oil Level indicator, Breather Plug, Head Plug, Magnetic Drain Plug, Slide Rings set, Spring, Bolt package, O-ring package, Refill of Oil and grease.







The pumps will be disassembled and each of the above-mentioned parts will be evaluated for repair work. It if proves to be damaged it will be replaced to improve your lamella pump solutions. Parts, that are less damaged will be recycled for new products.

JS Proputec offers to arrange transportation of the pump. This includes both the collection of the pump from the customer and the return to the customer after any necessary refurbishment has been carried out. Transport costs will be invoiced as additional costs. Before each planned refurbishment JS Proputec will provide an offer of the actual transportation costs.

It is recommended to transport the pumps as follows:
- 200/60 and 250/70 on a ½ size EURO pallet (80 x 60 cm)
- 350/90 and 450/140 on a EURO pallet (120x 80 cm)



To guarantee the optimal performance of our products, JS Proputec provides worldwide shipping of all JS original spare parts. Our spare part warehouse is always well-stocked. This is our insurance so all our customers can rely on getting the parts needed as soon as possible. You are always welcome to contact us, and we will help you select the correct spare parts.

We always offer advice and recommendations on which parts and how many of each you should keep in stock. This ensures that you always have the necessary parts at hand for preventative maintenance and unexpected issues with your equipment.

Contact us for further information.

Need help?


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need guidance
or advice on anything relating to our products

We will do our utmost to meet your needs and demands.

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