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Pumping and handling of krill


Reliable and robust design


JS Proputec provides solutions for pumping and handling krill for further processing. Krill represents one of the largest biomasses of animal species in the world. As such, it requires the proper equipment to handle.

Most krill are harvested and processed to produce fish food. This type of fish food is meant to be used in aquariums and aquacultures, but there is a growing industry for krill in oil processing. 

JS Proputec products are well suited for this industry.

Pumping for further processing


JS Proputec's unique Self-priming Lamella Pump is the optimal solution for pumping drained krill through the processing line.

In these applications, our pumps are currently installed to pump the krill through a series of preheaters that slowly heat the krill during the process.



When oil is extracted from the krill it contains a huge amount of omega 3. This is very beneficial in human nutrition and therefore manufacturers would like to extract this for further processing.

With one of our pumps, this is an easy task.

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