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Fish meal processing

Fish meal processing

A wide variety of solutions


In fish meal processing, several crucial steps including cooking, pressing, drying, and grinding are involved in transforming fish or fish waste into a solid product. Each stage necessitates specialized fish meal processing machines and equipment for proper handling.

JS Proputec offers cutting-edge lamella pump solutions tailored for unloading, pumping, grinding, dewatering, and managing raw materials throughout the fish meal processing cycle.

Moreover, our fish meal processing equipment is meticulously engineered to guarantee optimal uptime. We understand the significant disruptions and expenses associated with any production downtime, and our solutions are crafted to mitigate such risks effectively.

Unloading of fish


When you have to unload fish from the cargo hold of a trawler, the JS Unloading lamella pump is ideal for pumping high volumes with a minimum amount of water. It is also our best fish meal processing equipment for the transport and handling of fish that does minimum damage to the fish.

For pelagic fish, the JS Self-priming Lamella pump can be installed on the peer and pump the fish using a rubber hose, that is placed down in the cargo hold. This is an easy method that does not have to take up room on the trawler and is still efficient.

Unloading of truck


We also have pumps for when you have to unload trucks with fish or by-products to the fish meal processing plant. JS manufactures customized unloading bins that will fit the exact space it is needed. The unloading bin is often combined with a lamella pump or a screw conveyor for further transportation.

Fish waste is valuable

Raw material transportation


JS Proputec A/S is considered the expert in means of transportation of fish and fish waste. We have the widest range of capacities in the world of lamella pumps and specialized pump solutions for different applications, as for fish meal processing.

Our pipe cleaning system can empty the tube afterwards which gives a maximum utilization of the raw material. We manufacture high-quality screw conveyors, which are durable for the toughest applications.

Feeding of cookers​


Within fish meal processing plants, the most typical installation of the pump is under the holding tank.

The pump is ideal for transporting the fish over long distances to the cooker. It is also the most flexible solution, as you can switch between which cookers to feed from each installed pump.

Mixing of product


To ensure a homogeneous product to feed the cookers JS manufactures a high-quality mixing vessel.

The vessel is often combined with the JS lamella pump for proper further transportation.


Transportation after cookers


JS is the only fish meal machine manufacturer in the world that manufactures a lamella pump specially designed for pumping after the cookers in a fish meal processing plant. The JS high-performance lamella pump is a further development of the standard pump, which has better suction capabilities, larger capacity and can withstand higher rpm for production peaks.

The pump can be equipped with the JS Easy Clean Solutions, which makes it easy to open the pump if a foreign object is trapped and blocks easy production.

JS Proputec’s pumps are some of the most equipped pumps to assist any other fish meal processing machine. As demonstrated, we have multiple different ways to enhance the process of processing fish meal with varied combinations of fish meal machines.

If you would like to read more about our fish meal processing machines, please click on the button below to download the case from FF Skagen.

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