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Customer case

Konvex AB


Signing up for the JS Service Concept

About Konvex AB


Konvex AB - part of the SARIA Group, is the only company in Sweden, who handles and processes animal and vegetable by-products by means of sterilization and the new process called Biomal. 
The raw materials originate from Swedish abattoirs and animal owners.

Year-long cooperation


JS Proputec has a year-long good, pro-active, and developing working relationship with SARIA, with whom we have a frame agreement in relation to servicing their pumps. 
Dealing with Konvex on the other hand is new business.

The challenge


Konvex has 3 JS LAP350 pumps running in their production – and additional 3 pumps in back-up. 
Until recently, Konvex was not aware that the pumps were produced by JS Proputec, and they took care of all servicing themselves – buying expensive spare parts locally in Sweden. 
In addition, came the job of renovating and servicing the pumps. A job which they were not trained to do, so this was a time-consuming and not sufficient solution. 

The solution


Konvex contacted JS Proputec in March 2019. By detours, they had realized that JS Proputec was the original manufacturer of the pumps. 
This initially led to a specific request on spare parts, and shortly hereafter a customer visit, where the frame agreement between the SARIA Group and JS Proputec was presented – showing Konvex prices on pumps and spare parts and giving them an introduction to the proven JS Proputec service concept: 
Collect – repair – return. 
A concept which means that you can simply send your pump to JS Proputec premises, and the pump will be returned after servicing. 
An agreement between Konvex and JS Proputec was signed, and all future renovating and servicing of pumps will be handled by JS Proputec.
JS Proputec has opened our eyes to new features, which will reduce costs and enhance uptime. Only sad thing is, that we did not contact them years ago.

Marcus Andersson, Konvex AB

The solution


After signing the agreement Konvex will experience the following derived benefits:

  • Quick service and delivery of pumps.
  • Full competent and technical back-up.
  • Longer pump working life.
  • Enhanced uptime due to less maintenance.
  • Significant savings buying original spare parts.
  • Competent guidance and counselling. 
  • Pro-active dialog about future needs.

Impressive and proven concept!

Konvex sees the potential for further cooperation and we already have a good dialog in relation to new business. 
Marcus Andersson, Konvex says:
We are very satisfied about the agreement we have made with JS Proputec. Now, we can rest asure that our pumps will be serviced in a quick and professional manner, and the support is excellent.  Within 14 days JS Proputec collected - repaired and returned the pumps. This is quite impressive.
And he continues:
JS Proputec has opened our eyes to new features, which will reduce costs and enhance uptime. Only sad thing is, that we did not contact them years ago.

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