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We rely on the loyalty of our customers. Because of this, we do our utmost to fulfil their needs - whether they are standard or customized products and solutions. We aim to help every customer request.

As we are one of the few in this field of business food waste management technology, we constantly strive to improve our work and customer relations. This is essential to maintain and enhance our position in the work we provide. We continue to offer reliable food waste solutions. Simultaneously, we strive to always maintain an innovative and solution-oriented approach to utilize the opportunities in a growing global market.

We believe that attention to detail in every step of the designing and production phase is crucial for delivering high-quality solutions to our customers. This is why we always look for new ways to improve the development, production, sales, and service of our products and how to process food waste to fuel. Our constant focus remains to be our core business: the lamella pumps.


Our products and solutions are sold and used in a wide variety of applications worldwide, where pumping, grinding, dewatering and transportation are needed. As we keep our focus on the individual needs of our customers, we provide solutions that are based on well-proven technology. We take great pride in the knowledge that our food waste management solutions will serve our customers for a lifetime.

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Minimizing food waste

Our main goal is to help businesses that need our pumps for food waste management. Furthermore, with the help of any of our products, we strive to contribute to a reduction of food waste from e.g. restaurants and cruise ships.

The fact of the matter is that one-third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted. This amounts to roughly 1.3 billion tons of food every year. It is a huge amount of food waste that could have been utilized otherwise. When food waste is not handled properly it has an impact on the environment. This is stressed even further by the sad fact that people are starving in areas of the world. Even more so if food that is suited for human consumption is simply wasted.

To prevent this waste of food it requires food waste management and food waste management systems with the right technology.

Understanding food waste management.
The food waste management system is a three-step process: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Reducing waste is the most efficient way to solve the problem. However, since food waste is inevitable in the bigger picture, we must consider ways to reuse any type of food waste into biofuel. This could for instance be for pet food manufacturing or oils. Finally, the residual waste is recycled and often converted into compost or energy.

Innovative solutions in food waste management.
Food waste management isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It needs a customized approach depending on the source of the waste. A small household does not need the same equipment as any larger farm will need proper industrial food waste management technology. Just as the solutions for restaurants and supermarkets will differ in how they manage their food waste.

It is because of these many different approaches to food waste management solutions that we at JS Proputec continue to devise different products for all our customers.

The JS contribution to minimizing food waste.
JS Proputec's solution to the growing challenge of food waste is to create and deliver lamella pump solutions. Lamella pumps are used for solid and liquid separation in various manufacturing industries. On cruise ships, the lamella pumps are often used for handling and transportation of food waste and high-viscosity fluids. Our lamella pumps are used to treat wastewater and food waste and to separate solid particles from liquid effluents.


Here's how such a solution might contribute to minimizing food waste:

Food Waste Treatment: Lamella pumps can help segregate and process food waste more efficiently. The technology can separate solid food particles from liquid waste. This makes it easier to handle and process the waste streams separately.

Resource Recovery:
By efficiently separating the solid waste, cruise ships can potentially recover resources from food waste, such as organic matter that can be used for composting or biogas production.

Reduced Environmental Impact: Properly treating and managing food waste on cruise ships can significantly reduce the environmental impact of nutrient-rich waste being discharged into the ocean, potentially leading to marine pollution and harmful algal blooms.

Improved Recycling and Disposal:
With lamella pump solutions, the solid waste can be more effectively recycled or disposed of at designated facilities on land, reducing the need for offshore dumping.

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