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JS Lamella Pump
The JS Lamella Pump is well known for its high quality and extensive durability even in the toughest and most difficult environments.
All wearing parts are manufactured in high grade steel for extended lifetime.
It is suitable for pumping fish, meat, bones, fat, and other high viscosity products that contains solids.
JS Screw Conveyers
JS Screw Conveyors are designed for efficient transportation of material from one step in a production line to another.

It consists of a rotating screw blade, which is placed within a trough for moving high viscosity materials.
Self-priming Lamella Pump
JS Self-priming lamella pump is the only one in the world of its kind. It is a unique pump to discharge ships, economically, fast and efficiently.
The pump is very suitable for pumping pelagic fish and krill.
JS 100/30 Lamella Pump
The JS LAP100/30 is designed to meet the need for the strong capabilities of the lamella pump in smaller capacity applications.

It is characterised by having the same high quality as the other pumps in the programme, which is the JS guarantee for a perfect product.
JS High Performance Pump
JS HP Pump is designed for applications where the pumped product consists of both hard-wearing particles and low viscosity liquid.

The High-Performance Pump holds the same core characteristics as the standard lamella pump. JS has further developed the pump and made design changes in order to make this pump denser and more durable.
JS Infeed Hopper
A high filling rate ensures optimum utilisation of the pump's capacity. The infeed hopper is designed especially for use with the lamella pump and is designed to handle the same hard products within the same industries.

The infeed hopper can be used for whole industrial fish, fish cuts, animal by-products of poultry, cattle and pigs, and other offal.
JS Unloading Pump
The discharge pump is a vertical suspended in-line pump mounted with a protective bracket and a suction funnel.

It has all the advantages of a lamella pump and is therefore ideal for transporting industrial fish for fishmeal and oil production, directly from trawlers.
JS Pipe Cleaning System
Upon first operation and for optimal performance of the system, clean air is blown through the pipe.

After first operation, JS Pigging System operates by means of air or water, which under pressure shoots a flexible rubber device called the "pig" through the pipe system in order to empty the pipes from any remaining product.

High quality work

Thoroughness is the key to the high quality we deliver.

Our staff has many years' of experience and high technical expertise and they take great pride in meeting our high quality standards.

Furthermore, each product goes through a thorough quality control before leaving the factory in Denmark.
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