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Robust animal rendering solutions

Meat Rendering

Solutions for Meat rendering process


Rendering meat is a crucial process in the food industry, transforming animal by-products into valuable resources. Processing of meat, bones and offal. A simple and versatile way of treating all kinds of animal raw material. 

JS Proputec offers comprehensive solutions for the transportation, grinding, and efficient handling of raw materials throughout the meat rendering processes in animal rendering plants worldwide. Our cutting-edge meat rendering equipment is adept at managing by-products from different sectors, which include fish, poultry, and cattle.

These by-products, which are no longer suitable for human consumption undergo rendering and transformation into stable, valuable, and utilitarian substances such as oils, proteins, and minerals. The encompassing process involves material drying, as well as the separation of fats from bones and proteins.

Benefiting from extensive expertise throughout the years, JS Proputec excels in devising and crafting both standard and tailor-made solutions. All of which are perfectly aligned with the specific requirements of the animal meat rendering industry.

Before meat rendering process

Unloading of truck


For unloading of trucks with carcasses or animal by-products to the meat rendering plant JS Proputec manufactures customized unloading bins to fit the exact space it is needed.

The unloading bin is often combined with a lamella pump or a screw conveyor for further transportation of the by-products that need to be rendered.

We have vast experience within animal rendering processes, and our equipment is running in food processing and rendering plants all over the world.


Fish and animal by-products

Raw material transportation


Because of its robust design, the JS lamella Pump is the ideal choice for moving a high-viscosity media like fish and animal by-products over long distances.

In this type of application, the pump will often need a positive infeed from a JS Infeed hopper, which is specifically designed to last in this high-demanding application. When you have work to do in the meat rendering process it is important to have the right equipment. This is where JS Proputec can help.

For short distances, JS also manufacture high-quality screw conveyors.                                       

Meat rendering process

Feeding of cookers


Other than the reception bins, the lamella pump is the best choice for transporting the raw material over long distances to the cooker.

It is also the most flexible solution because you can switch between which cookers to feed from each pump. The meat rendering process requires several steps to achieve the final product. Therefore, it is important to have the right meat rendering equipment to help advance the process as best as possible.                                

Transportation after pre-cookers


For the transportation of cooked animal by-products after the cooker process, the JS HP Lamella Pump is the optimal choice as it is better at handling lower-viscosity products.

The pump can be equipped with the JS Easy Clean Solutions which makes it much easier to open the pump if a foreign object gets stuck.                            

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The use of lamella pumps in rendering facilities, such as animal meat rendering plants and animal fat rendering plants, has proven to be a game-changer, providing operators with a reliable and cost-effective solution for handling animal by-products.

Lamella pumps handle high volumes of material while maintaining consistent performance, and the pumps are an important part of rendering operations worldwide.

In conclusion, understanding the process of animal meat rendering and leveraging advanced technologies like lamella pumps are essential for optimizing efficiency and product quality in the food processing industry.

Animal meat rendering is a vital process that transforms waste and by-products from the fish, pork, cattle, and poultry processing industries into valuable, usable materials. These materials include meat and bone meal, poultry meal, blood meal, fish meal, and animal fats and oils, essential ingredients for livestock, poultry, pet food, aquaculture, and animal fodder.

The meat rendering process involves heating and grinding by-products to create a paste suitable for various applications, including animal feed and soap production.

Rendering equipment such as Lamella pumps play a crucial role in this process. Lamella pumps efficiently pump the paste for rendering, which undergoes heating, mixing, and centrifugation stages.

With its lamellas, which are inclined plates, the Lamella pump generates centrifugal force, facilitating the separation of liquid and solid components of the paste, streamlining the rendering process.

Animal rendering equipment, like Lamella pumps, is suitable for:

  • Animal fat rendering
  • Animal waste / by-product rendering - fish, cattle, pigs, poultry.
  • Meat rendering
  • Rendering in food processing industries in general

Using lamella pumps ensure optimal performance and productivity in meat rendering operations at animal rendering plants worldwide.

When we mention by-products, we mean waste from the chicken, pork, cattle, and fish processing industries. Raw materials, which are not intended for human consumption, are rendered/transformed into stable, valuable, and useful materials like oils, various kinds of meal, proteins, and minerals.

The process covers drying the material and separating the fat from the bone and protein.

By-products are the waste/leftovers from the processing of fish, pork, cattle and poultry. 

In general terms, by-products in food processing industries can come from various sources including:

  1. Fruit and vegetable processing:
    By-products such as peels, seeds, and pulp are generated during the processing of fruits and vegetables into juices, purees, and other products.

  2. Meat and poultry processing:
    By-products such as bones, skin, and fat are generated during the processing of meat and poultry into cuts, ground meat, and other products.

  3. Dairy processing:
    By-products such as whey, which is a liquid remaining after the curdling of milk during cheese-making, and skimmed milk, which is a by-product of whole milk processing, are generated during the processing of milk and dairy products.

  4. Grain processing:
    By-products such as bran and germ are generated during the processing of grains into flours and other products.

  5. Fish processing:
    By-products such as heads, tails, and bones are generated during the processing of fish into fillets, fish oil, and other products.

These by-products are often rich in nutrients and can be used for various purposes such as animal feed, fertilizer, and even as ingredients in food products.

Food processing industries strive to reduce waste and maximize the utilization of by-products to promote sustainability and reduce their environmental impact.

JS Proputec A/S specializes in by-products from the processing of fish, pork, cattle and poultry. 

The Raw material, whether it is from pork, cow, or fish, is collected and accumulated in storage tanks.

When the product is ready to be processed it is sized down through a crusher or transported directly for heating.

Traditionally, this is done in a cooker which heats the rendered meat to a temperature where the bacteria are killed, and the liquids and fats are suspended from the solids.

Afterwards, the product is compressed in a screw press which squeezes out the main part of water and fats. The remaining solids (referred to as the press cake) are then dried and milled into flour.

The liquids are separated in a decanter to get the water and oil. The oil is cleaned, and the water is used in the process again.

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