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Robust animal rendering solutions

Meat Rendering

Solutions for Meat rendering process


JS Proputec offers comprehensive solutions for the transportation, grinding, and efficient handling of raw materials throughout the meat rendering processes in animal rendering plants worldwide. Our cutting-edge meat rendering equipment is adept at managing by-products from different sectors which include fish, poultry, and cattle.

These by-products which are no longer suitable for human consumption undergo rendering and transformation into stable, valuable, and utilitarian substances such as oils, proteins, and minerals. The encompassing process involves material drying, as well as the separation of fats from bones and proteins.

Benefiting from extensive expertise throughout the years, JS Proputec excels in devising and crafting both standard and tailor-made solutions. All of which are perfectly aligned with the specific requirements of the animal meat rendering industry.

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Before meat rendering process

Unloading of truck


For unloading of trucks with carcasses or animal by-products to the meat rendering plant JS Proputec manufactures customized unloading bins to fit the exact space it is needed.

The unloading bin is often combined with a lamella pump or a screw conveyor for further transportation of the by-products that need to be rendered.

We have vast experience within animal rendering processes, and our equipment is running in food processing and rendering plants all over the world.


Fish and animal by-products

Raw material transportation


Because of its robust design, the JS lamella Pump is the ideal choice for moving a high-viscosity media like fish and animal by-products over long distances.

In this type of application, the pump will often need a positive infeed from a JS Infeed hopper, which is specifically designed to last in this high-demanding application. When you have work to do in the meat rendering process it is important to have the right equipment. This is where JS Proputec can help.

For short distances, JS also manufacture high-quality screw conveyors.                                       

Meat rendering process

Feeding of cookers


Other than the reception bins, the lamella pump is the best choice for transporting the raw material over long distances to the cooker.

It is also the most flexible solution because you can switch between which cookers to feed from each pump. The meat rendering process requires several steps to achieve the final product. Therefore, it is important to have the right meat rendering equipment to help advance the process as best as possible.                                

Transportation after pre-cookers


For the transportation of cooked animal by-products after the cooker process, the JS HP Lamella Pump is the optimal choice as it is better at handling lower-viscosity products.

The pump can be equipped with the JS Easy Clean Solutions which makes it much easier to open the pump if a foreign object gets stuck.                            

For reference please download published cases below.

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