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JS Proputec offers a wide range of standard and customized solutions and equipment for the meat and poultry processing industry world-wide. All aiming at making the business more profitable and sustainable.

Our products are suited for collection of animal by-product for use in meat- and poultry rendering.

Transportation of by-products


For collection and transportation of animal and poultry by-products JS provides a stainless-steel infeed hopper that acts as a buffer for the collection of by-products.

When the infeed hopper is almost full the auger will be activated and it will push the product to a Lamella pump that will pump the product away from the processing line.

In order to maintain the high hygienic level, we recommend our JS Pigging system for pipe cleaning when production is stopped.           

Meat rendering


In abattoirs, making the most of everything is very important to maximise profit, and to avoid meaningless waste.

For that reason, animal by-products other than from poultry – pork and cattle – which are not intended for human consumption, can be transformed into valuable proteins, minerals and oils.

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