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High capacity for unloading fish

Unloading Pump

Unique design

The unloading pump is a vertically suspended in-line pump mounted with a protective bracket and a suction funnel - perfect for use at eg. factory trawlers.

It has all the advantages of a lamella pump and is therefore ideal for transporting industrial fish for fishmeal and oil production, directly from the trawler.

The unique design of the unloading pump allows it to be immersed in the trawler fish tank and by vacuum sucking up fish to the pump's lamellas, which pumps the fish further into a drainage tank or similar.

To obtain optimal vacuum effect, water is added to the fish. By adding water, the fish suffers less damage as the pump utilises the positive displacement to the maximum.

Versatile discharge pump

The unloading pump can be used for all species of fish and have a capacity of up to 250 m³/h. The pump comes in 3 different sizes:

  • LAP450
  • LAP350
  • LAP250


Advantages of JS unloading Pump:

  • High capacity for unloading fish.
  • Low maintenance and service costs.
  • Reliable solution.
  • Pump protection, to minimise damage to the trawler's cargo fish tank.

Unloading pump - perfect for use at factory trawlers.

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