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Customer case

Clazing BV


Optimizing processes for better performance

About Clazing BV


Clazing BV is a modern poultry slaughterhouse in the west of the Netherlands that supplies customers in many countries in Europe with a wide range of excellent chicken products.

Their entire production is Halal certified, both the slaughterhouse and the sister companies. Electric water bath is used to stun the animals, and these are (mainly) manually slaughtered by practicing Muslims.

The modern slaughterhouse meets all requirements regarding food safety and hygiene.

Excellent products


Clazing Export Slaughterhouse slaughters approx. 800.000 chickens with a minimum weight of 1600 grams per week.

They supply products for further processing or consumption to wholesalers, retailers, the processing industry, and independent poulterers.

The company employs approx. 130 employees and has a long history as it was founded in 1967.

The challenge


JS Proputec A/S’s Dutch distributor Inventflow B.V. was contacted by end-user Clazing BV, as they needed to update their processes when transporting chicken carcasses.

Initially the transportation was handled manually and transported in bins - several times, which was a time-consuming process.

The bins took up a lot of space both in the production and in the cooling section.

The Challenge


The process influenced on the safety for the employees, who were handling the bins, and set a higher demand of manually cleaning of the bins to ensure proper hygiene throughout the entire process.

In fact, cleaning was necessary at several spots in the production due to the manually handling.

The solution


The solution contained:

1 pc. LAP 250 lamella pump
1 pc. Infeed Hopper
50 meter pipe, elevated 6 meters


Well-installed these advantages are gained:

Improved hygiene:
The product remains in a closed system during transport, limiting hygiene problems.

Labor reduction:
Less manpower required by automation.

Space saving:
No cooling space required for temporary storage of the carcasses.

Wear-resistant: extremely wear-resistant pump that can handle high-viscosity materials with large solid particles.

energy-efficient way of transport over long distances.


Need help?


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