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The future of data driven decision-making

JS Maintenance Mate®

Live data 24/7

Agile App solution

The JS Maintenance Mate® app displays live data on a color-coded ‘dashboard’. Individual pumps are shown as green if all is well, yellow where service and/or spare parts will soon be needed, and red if the pump is currently out of action.

In fact, the device is even smart enough to indicate which spare parts may be advisable to have on hand – and information on these can be sent directly to JS Proputec or its authorized distributors to obtain a quote or place an order.



Meet your new mate

The intelligent pump


The handling of meat processing by-products causes heavy wear and tear on pumping equipment. But until now, such wear and tear has been quite literally invisible until it causes a mechanical failure, forcing meat processing lines to a screeching halt and starting the cost clock ticking until spare parts arrive and repairs can be made.

What if you could know before a crucial pumping system is about to fail?

JS Maintenance Mate® is a new, intelligent pump feature that monitors wear – and alerts operators in plenty of time.


Benefits beyond the obvious

Standard on all JS Proputec pumps, and also available as an easily retrofitted add-on to existing units. 


Minimize costs, time and environmental impact

Data-based decisions

The JS Maintenance Mate® concept is a brand-NEW initiative, which ensures optimized maintenance management.

Plug and Play solution 

A compact wireless monitoring device is implemented in all JS Proputec pumps - making them intelligent. We call it JS Maintenance Mate® - and it is a true mate.

Picture this. Everyday challenges in relation to performance, product quality, downtime, maintenance, lack of overview and economy can be embraced and taken care of in this simple manner:

  • Scan the QR code on the device
  • Download the app

- and then you have remote live data on your pumps 24/7.


New pumps

JS Maintenance Mate® will be implemented on all JS Proputec pumps as per May 10, 2021

When the pump is well installed in your production, simply scan the QR- code on the box and download the app from your preferred platform - Google Play or App Store. When the app is downloaded, and you accept the conditions you can create your account.

We will activate your pump in the app - and you are ready to get all the benefits included in the JS Maintenance Mate® concept.


However, the concept is not only limited to new pumps. Retrofitting your existing pumps is also an option.

You simply order our retrofit kit - follow the guidance, and then you are up and running as well.

Our sales team is ready to give you an elaborated introduction to the overall benefits of the JS Maintenance Mate® concept, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact us for further information.

Wireless monitoring

The box is the brain

Rest assured - your pumps are covered
The JS Maintenance Mate® will give you a complete overview of all your pumps - monitoring pressure, vibrations and speed.

You can set up individual alarms, plan predictive maintenance and get easy access to pump specific manuals and spare parts.

Ordering new spare parts or service is only one click away.

Newly published article


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