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High Performance Pump

Versatile pumping

The High-Performance Pump from JS Proputec is designed for applications where the pumped product consists of both hard-wearing particles and low viscosity liquid.

The High-Performance Pump holds the same core characteristics as the standard lamella pump. JS has further developed the pump and made design changes in order to make this pump denser and more durable.

These changes have contributed to better performance of low viscosity products and the HP pump can pump at higher rpm. The construction of the HP pump larger pump chamber and increased rotations creates a larger span of capacity. The inner components are improved with larger wear surfaces, which spread the wear over larger areas. This increases the lifetime of the wear parts and contributes to the pump's operational capacity in applications where higher rpm than normally expected for lamella pumps of the same size are required.

In order to reduce the possibility of backflow, the pump is designed with a reduced outlet, optimised control of the lamellas and narrow tolerances on internal components. This ensures that the product backflow from the piping system is reduced.

Perfect for cooker installations!

For installations in fish and bone meal production, the JS HP pump justifies itself, especially immediately after the cooker. At this time the product has changed form from being a solid mass where liquid is bound in the product to warm liquid mass where the solids are separated from the liquid.

The High-Performance pump's tight chamber and larger range of rpm allows the pump to pump the material. The reduced backflow together with the larger capacity and revolutions, ensures that pressure is constantly maintained behind the product.

Select the JS HP Pump for applications where:

  • Solids are mixed with liquid.
  • Standard lamella pumps can have backflow problems.
  • Need for higher rpm or wider spans in capacity.

For more info and questions on how JS HP (High Performance) fits your set-up, contact our sales team.

Difference between ordinary and HP Pumps

HP, the 2nd generation of “the Original Lamella pump”. 30 years of experience turned into development.

The new generation lamella pump differs in several aspects from the standard lamella pumps.

The essential differences from a standard Lamella pump to the new version are the following.

  1. Wide cam discs.
  2. Higher capacity
  3. Guiding cross in the rotor.
  4. Reduction in outlet.
  5. Tighter fit of parts.
  6. Can run at higher rpm
  7. Longer period between services*

*The media has a great influence on time between overhaul

The HP pump will typically be used where the media is more fluid and where a standard pump will not be able to handle the task.

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