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Pump sizes for every type of job

Factory Trawlers

The perfect pump for factory trawlers

Unique variation in pump sizes


JS Proputec has established itself as the leading choice for onboard pumping solutions on a global scale. This prominence is largely attributed to our wide range of lamella pump sizes, carefully designed to fulfil the needs of factory trawlers' onboard filleting line.

One of the key factors that distinguish JS Proputec is our constant attention to size customization when we deal with high-viscosity pumps. Recognizing the diverse range of factory trawlers and their varying operational capacities, JS Proputec offers a comprehensive selection of pump sizes and designs. This tailor-made approach ensures that each pump seamlessly integrates into the existing filleting line infrastructure, optimizing the efficiency of fish processing operations.

In the context of factory trawlers limited space can be an issue. JS Proputec's pump sizing strategy offers a strategic advantage to this. Our pumps not only fulfil the specific flow rate and pressure requirements of filleting lines but also align harmoniously with the available space constraints. This compatibility aids in the streamlined arrangement of onboard equipment, contributing to an efficient operational environment with any high-viscosity pumps.

Handling and transportation

Fish cut-offs and by-products


Our dedication to understanding the nuances of factory trawlers' filleting processes positions us as a strategic partner rather than just a pump supplier. We aim to assist in many ways than just to supply the correct pump equipment.

When you choose to work with us it involves in-depth consultations with trawler operators. This enables us to tailor lamella pump sizes to address the unique challenges faced during fish processing at sea.

JS Lamella pumps start in the range of 300kg/hour which makes the smaller pumps suitable for installation on factory trawlers where space is limited. These lamella pumps can be used for pumping from the filleting line to an onboard holding tank, silage tank or fishmeal plant.

Within these proesses, we recommend:

Our equipment can be supplied both with Electric and Hydraulic drive.

For installation besides the filleting line


Beyond its application within the filleting line, the versatility of the smallest lamella pump becomes evident with its crucial role in the collection of cut-off and discarded fish. 

This utilization not only showcases the uniqueness of this equipment but also highlights its capacity to address multiple facets of onboard operations on factory trawlers.

The concept of integrating the smallest lamella pump into the process of collecting byproducts like cut-off and discarded fish is a strategic innovation that yields numerous benefits. By transporting these fish by-products into a closed piping system, an immediate and noticeable reduction occurs in odor dissemination. This containment of odorous elements significantly enhances the onboard work environment. Furthermore, it contributes to a pleasanter and more hygienic atmosphere for the crew.

Within these processes we recommend: 

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The JS 100/30 pump can be cleaned easily

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JS 100/30 in-house test

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