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A pump size for every job

Factory Trawlers

Unique variation in pump sizes


For onboard filleting lines on factory trawlers, the JS Proputec's unique variation in different pumps sizes makes them the preferred supplier for pumping solutions for onboard installations world-wide.

Transportation of fish cut-offs and by-products


JS Lamella pumps starts in the range of 300kg/hour which makes the smaller pumps suitable for installation on factory trawlers where the space is tight. The pumps can be used for pumping from the filleting line to an onboard holding tank, silage tank or fishmeal plant.

Our equipment can be supplied both with Electric and Hydraulic drive.

For installation besides the filleting line


The smallest pump can be used for collection of cut-off and discarded fish. Keeping the by product in a closed piping system reduces odour and frees up needed space that is normally occupied by conveyor belts.

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The JS 100/30 pump can be cleaned easily

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