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Customer case

Scandic Pelagic Ellös


Reliable solution with JS lamella pumps

Scandic Pelagic Ellös

Filleting solution


Scandic Pelagic Ellös, who is one the largest filleting factories in Sweden has expanded the capacity from 130 ton per day to 480 ton. Cabin plant, who has been the turnkey supplier of the full project has chosen to use JS lamella pumps, as they believe the lamella pumps are the most reliable solution to pump by-products.
In a close co-operation between Senior Project Manager Claus Gregersen (Cabinplant) and JS Proputec, the following solution was chosen to be implemented in the new production plant. Cabin plant has installed 3 units of JS lamella pumps for pumping from the fileting process to 3 containers, which are located outside the building and regularly are being collected for further processing.

Problem solved

Simple JS solution


Under the bin a 350/90 lamella pump is installed, which pumps the by-products in a 200 mm pipe system 23 m horizontally and 4 m vertically to the previously mentioned 3 containers.
For the project, JS Proputec has also advised Cabin plant with a simple solution to empty the individually pipe systems using a cleaning pig, which is shot through the pipe systems with air. JS Proputec has supplied the cleaning pigs as well as launch and receiving to all pipe systems. 

JS Lamella Pumps


2 units of 200/60 lamella pumps are installed at each filleting line. Both pumps are designed for a capacity of approx. 6,5 ton/hour and controlled, by a frequency converter, to the current capacity of the fileting line.
Both lamella pumps are pumping the by-products in a 150 mm pipe system 35 m horizontally and 4 m vertically to a larger bin, which also collect discarded whole fish.

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