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Committed to UN SDGs

Ambitious Goals

UN’s 17 Sustainable Development goals


JS Proputec works with UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously, and we have recently finalized an internal project in relation to environmental improvements, that will decrease the carbon footprint, we leave when producing and operating our equipment.

The outcome of this is a wide range of initiatives, as mentioned here. Focusing on the SDGs we work on these:




JS Proputec works with UN SDG no. 3 - Good Health and Well-being
  • We prepare a well-being survey - and identify areas for improvement.

  • We focus on increasing employee well-being and a healthy corporate culture.

  • We further develop, adhere to and make our values visible internally and externally.

  • We develop an onboarding concept.

  • We have introduced an annual team building day.

  • We are working towards becoming one of the best places to work in Denmark.



JS Proputec works with UN SDG no. 4 - Quality Education
  • We are recruiting more trainees and apprentices.

  • We are taking on more trainees in production and administration.

  • We increase co-operation with students, flexi-jobbers, etc.

  • We participate in annual job and career fairs.

  • We are developing a CSR strategy.

  • We continue our commitment to the Youth Guarantee - a local initiative to motivate young people.

  • We offer relevant training and skills development for employees.



JS Proputec works with UN SDG no. 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
  • We are investing in solar panels for our own production of electricity.

  • We are reducing energy and heat consumption.

  • We are reducing packaging consumption by 50% - and in the long-term use 100% recycled packaging.

  • We ensure that 20% of all steel purchased is steel with 20% less CO2 emissions.

  • We set requirements for suppliers' rate of recycling.

  • We aim to select suppliers on the basis of CO2 emissions and their approach to sustainability.

  • We optimise the design of our products to save energy and materials in production and operations.



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