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Product customization


Shipment of 4 identical High-Performance Pumps equipped with clever JS solutions just left our facilities.

Equipped with the Easy Clean feature inspection, cleaning and removing blocking objects are easy tasks as well as the JS Maintenance Mate® Iot solution enables a complete overview of all the pumps - monitoring pressure, vibrations, and speed. In addition, at the app you can set up individual alarms, plan predictive maintenance and get easy access to pump specific manuals and spare parts.

The color of the pumps is a bit different than the usual blue pumps from JS, due to customer requirements. Luckily, we have no problem delivering in any color of the rainbow.

The high-performance model was chosen due to the capabilities for pumping long distances and higher durability.

Our customers often have various wishes to performance, design, and features. This has given us quite a lot of experience in designing customer solutions - contact us if you need us to design a solution for you.

Contact us for more information about our company, and check out our website for info in relation to products, solutions and services.

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