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Visiting Iceland again



Last week, our CCO, Anders Rytter Madsen, once again graced the Icelandic shores.

Iceland holds immense potential for us, and over the years, we've been proud to supply numerous Lamella pumps and fishmeal solutions to this vibrant market.

In the fishmeal industry, our lamella pumps play a vital role.

The pumps efficiently transfer fish slurry from the processing plant to the fishmeal facility. This slurry consists of fish waste, water, and various byproducts, making it thick and challenging to handle. Our Lamella pumps shine in this environment, delivering exceptional performance without clogs or damage.

Our week in Iceland was nothing short of fantastic and productive, filled with visits to Eskja, Sildarvinnslan, and Hedinn. Meeting our valued customers always brings exciting discussions about upcoming projects and future plans .

We thank all involved for the great hospitality and good talks.

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