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A win-win situation

Onboarding a new employee


Our new Sales Manager, Cleo Stenfeldt joined us a week ago, and her onboarding is in progress.

Today, she is spending time in our production.

Here she will follow some of our most skilled and experienced employees, and she will see for herself every step in the mounting of a lamella pump. In addition, she will see how some of our own-produced components are made.

Spending time in production is important, and it is time well spend – especially for a new employee.

Cleo will have the chance to build relations with colleagues and vice versa, and she will get valuable technical insights, she can use in her daily correspondences with customers. Also, she will get a sense of our corporate culture when she talks to employees in different functions throughout the company.

Next week, other important meetings are set up for Cleo to feel prepared for her job and for her to feel onboarded with our team. The onboarding will continue for a while.

Already, Cleo is busy in her new role. She is eager to get started, and she has a lot of good ideas and input, which we value, and we appreciate having her in our company.

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