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The installation continues

CEO is on-site


Do you remember our previous posts about the largest order in our history?

No? Here is a reminder.

Back in spring 2023, we proudly unveiled our most monumental achievement to date - securing the largest project order in our 42-year history!

The project involves state-of-the-art equipment for a brand-new raw material reception facility at fishmeal producer Bioceval (part of the SARIA group) in Cuxhaven, Germany.

A HUGE project in collaboration with FM Bulk Handling. The whole project consists of 11 large tanks in three different sizes, feed augers, lamella pumps, and the entire piping system.

The project is to be installed in two phases.

The first phase is this year, and Peter Kristensen and Tom Christensen have been at the plant in Cuxhaven several times already, and now they are back to continue the installation of JS-equipment.

Last week, CEO Charlotte Møller Damgaard joined them on-site, and she had a chance to see the size of the project firsthand. In her own words, this project is impressive. During the visit, she had a chance to meet our contact persons at Bioceval, and of course she spent time with both Peter and Tom, who as always are doing a great job .

Good job, guys – and thank you very much to Markus Beckmann, Bioceval for taking the time to meet and for the great hospitality.

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