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NEW set-up

JS Proputec - Peru


BREAKING NEWS: Raising the JS flag in Peru.

Timing is everything – and now the time is right!

As per November 8, 2022, we are happy to announce the start of a new JS Proputec A/S set-up in Peru:
JS Proputec - Peru. 

A growing demand – and a huge potential initiated the idea, and now it is a fact.

Our representative in this new set up is Consultant German Torres Vertiz. He has years of experience within both the fish and meat industry – covering processes like feeding of cookers and presses, transportation of product, fish unloading from boats, meat rendering and handling of e.g. byproducts from slaughterhouses etc.

Being a local, experienced guy, and of course Spanish speaking is a good starting point, and his high motivation to get started gives us high expectations for the future business in Peru – working from the office in Lima.

We wish German the best of luck – and we look forward to the cooperation.

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