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First trip together

Joint business trip


Sales Managers Cleo Stenfeldt and Willyan Walesco are on their first business trip together these weeks, and in fact, it is the first time they meet face-to-face.

Cleo is normally located in Denmark, and she is responsible for activities in South America. Willyan is responsible for the Brazilian market, which is also his private location.

The destination of their meeting is Chile this week, where they are participating in a Danish business delegation trip together with other food cluster companies. The Royal Danish Embassy in Chile, along with the Danish Agriculture and Food Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, is hosting the trip.

So far, they have visited Chilean companies in the meat industry, who all look towards Denmark for sustainable solutions for product and process improvements and optimization. These visits promise a lot of potential for JS Proputec Brasil and JS Proputec A/S, and more exciting visits are planned today.

Next week, Cleo and Willyan will continue their trip to Brazil. And the schedule for this week is filled with company visits to both existing and potential new customers.

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