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For Australian Meat Rendering Industry

Genuine equipment


A large and time-consuming customized order was packed and shipped today, and the shipment goes all the way to Australia.
Three JS Lamella pumps (LAP 200) and two JS Heavy Duty Infeed Hoppers customized to be installed at a meat rendering plant.
Within the meat rendering industry, our Lamella Pumps offer these benefits:
✔️Energy Savings:
Lamella pumps use less energy to achieve the same or even better results compared to traditional pumps.

✔️Reduced Waste:
The efficiency of lamella pumps reduces waste and byproducts in the meat rendering process, consequently minimizing environmental impact.

✔️Lower Maintenance Needs:
Lamella pumps are known for their reliability and durability, leading to fewer operational interruptions and less resource-intensive maintenance.

What’s not to like?

We look forward to hearing from the customer when everything is in place.

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