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Notice regarding JS Lamella Pump seals

Service Bulletin


Discontinuing of the labyrinths seal from standard stock

This info is to inform all our customers that the items used for the labyrinth sealing will be discontinued by the end of July 2022. 

Since the mechanical sealing was introduced in the JS Lamella pump back in 2004, this has become the overall standard for all JS models. Replacing the labyrinth seal with the mechanical seal provides a 100% tight sealing with a lower resistance. Keeping our pumps tight and preventing product and lubricants from leaking.

Naturally there has been a transition period between production and renovations of the two types of sealings and JS has provided stock and service for the old labyrinth sealings for well past a decade. 

However, the time between services of pumps with Labyrinth sealings and the demand for spares has now shrunken to a point where it is not more feasible to keep on carrying a stock for all types and sizes. 

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