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Approval and shipment of raw material cooker line

Shipment for Japan's largest fishmeal plant, Sanki Shiro.


Last year, Fjell Technology Group AS received  the contract for a new raw material cooker line for Japan's largest fishmeal plant, Sanki Shiro in Tokyo. The plant collects and process the fish waste from almost all fish markets and restaurants in Greater Tokyo area, and with 30 million sushi lovers this adds up to about 800 tons of fish waste per day consisting of anything from large tuna heads to guts from tiny fish species.

Consistent grinding and feeding of raw material with optimum particle size are extremely critical, therefore redundant 50 kW heavy duty grinders type Franklin Miller TM2370 supplied by Unit-Pump A/S, will be installed.

For transport of the raw material to the cooker and for transport of cooked material to the screw presses redundant LAP400 and LAP350 Lamella Pumps from JS Proputec were chosen. Fjell Technology Group has carefully designed the complex system to be tied in between existing machinery and building structures in the "overfilled" plant.

This week the complete system was pre-assembled at the premisses of JS Proputec A/S in Hjørring before it was carefully packed in three 40' containers for shipment to Japan and installation and commissioning later this autumn.

On the picture:
Torben Pedersen (left), CEO of Unit-pump, Asbjørn Strand (centre), CTO of Fjell Technology Group AS, and Anders Rytter Madsen (right), CEO of JS Proputec A/S are very satisfied with the finish and tolerances of the raw material grinding and pumping system the three premium Scandinavian Technology suppliers have designed and manufactured together.

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