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Sales Manager, North America

New JS employee


While we recently welcomed Joan Drastrup as our Purchasing and Warehouse Manager, we are happy to welcome Austin Angell, our new Sales Manager responsible for the North American market. This employment marks yet another strategic addition to our team in 2024.

Joining us from the United States, Austin brings extensive industry experience and, from former positions, a deep understanding of our company and products. This is a huge advantage 😀.

He arrived in Denmark earlier this week. Throughout his onboarding process, Austin will meet with key team members and familiarize himself with all aspects of our business, leveraging his existing knowledge to quickly integrate and contribute effectively 🚀.

Accompanied by Anders Rytter Madsen and Peter Kristensen, he paid a visit to one of our valued clients in Skagen, affording him a glimpse of Denmark along the way.

In his own words, here is his first impression of JS Proputec A/S and his expectations in this role:

“I am excited to be a part of this incredibly capable and professional team at JS Proputec! Supported by the expertise of our staff in Denmark, I look forward to serving our customers as we expand our presence in North America."

We are thrilled to have Austin on board, and we look forward to the valuable insights and leadership he will bring to our North American operations.

Welcome Austin.

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