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One of the world´s largest exporters of pork

Danish Crown is one of the world’s largest exporters and one of Europe’s largest producers of pork. The Danish Crown Group is also the largest meat-processing company in Europe, and Danish Crown Beef is a key player in the European beef market.
Danish Crown has production sites in Denmark, UK, several European countries and China, and have market access to more than 130 countries around the world.

Destruction of production by-products

The production unit i Sæby has chosen JS Proputec A/S as a partner in the collaboration towards a optimised solution for destruction of by-products from their production lines. 
The production unit employees approx. 770 people, and 48.000 pigs are slaughtered every week.
JS Proputec provides a robust solution for by-product rendering

The challenge

Until May 2016 soft production by-products (guts etc..) were filled in tubs, which were raised in a lift to the ceiling, and from here  
poured into a silo placed outside the building for destruction. 
This process demanded maintenance of the lift and caused a great deal of odour. In addition, Danish Crown wanted to optimise the whole destruction process and the general hygiene.
Optimising the rendering process

Drawing the overall lines

Danish Crown and JS Proputec cooperated on the overall lines of the project, and JS Proputed took care of all measurement and adjustments of production layouts.  
The optimal solution was quickly determined, and the installation of the solution was done in close cooperation with staff from Danish Crown.
JS Proputec in close cooperation with Danish Crown

The solution

The solution contained:

JS Lamella pumps and Infeed Hopper

Fantastic cooperation!

January 2020, JS Proputec A/S paid Danish Crown a visit to see if the solution was still operating as planned. Service Manager Tommy Dahl gave a tour around the factory in order for us to see the production lines, which precede the destruction of by-products. 
Tommy Dahl says:
– The solution from JS Proputec has since the installation back in January 2016 been running impeccably - more or less non-stop running.
And he continues:
– Project management went seamlessly, and we experienced a very professional approach, quick delivery and a very good cooperation towards the optimal solution.

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Robust and reliable rendering solution from JS Proputec
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