A pleasure to open our doors

Visit from Germany


Today, we hosted one of our valued German customers at the JS Proputec A/S production plant.

Despite the February weather being gloomy, our indoor atmosphere was positive for discussing current and future projects.

Providing customers with a behind-the-scenes look at our facilities and team is always enjoyable for us and motivating for our entire team.

Our commitment to being accommodating includes opening our doors to customers and visitors, and we do this as often as possible.

By opening our doors, customers and visitors get a good sense of the way we design and produce our pumps and equipment while walking around our factory. Often, this will be a good starting point for meetings, and questions and good discussions will arise along the way.

We thank you for the visit; Come back soon 😊.

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Kontakt en JS Proputec ansatt

Ikke nøl med å kontakte oss, så vil vi gjøre vårt ytterste for å gi deg råd og veiledning i henhold til dine behov og krav.

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