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Students visit JS


HCI - Himmerlandscentrets Idrætsefterskole, came to see us. The students wanted to see how things are done in a production company.

During the visit, the students had the opportunity to learn about the different processes and tasks in a production company. Area Sales Manager Henrik Groes, Production & Supply Chain Manager Carsten Levorsen, and Head of Marketing, People, and Culture Winnie Kristensen from JS Proputec A/S hosted the visit, answered questions, and provided insights into the various necessary tasks involved in running a successful exporting production company.

One of the priorities of JS Proputec A/S is to invite young people into the company and give them a glimpse into the various roles and responsibilities of working in a production company.

By doing so, we hope to inspire them and help them make informed decisions about their future educational and career choices, whether this is in the office, in the production, or in the workshop.

After a quick tour around the office and production facilities, topics regarding sales, marketing, and production were addressed. The students had the opportunity to learn about the different stages involved in bringing a product to market, from conceptualization and design to manufacturing and distribution; how to choose the right sales channels; how to build relations considering barriers like culture, language, and different time zones; and how to promote products in a world-wide niche market.

Hopefully, the visit provided a valuable learning experience for the students at HCI.

It was a pleasure to host the visit.





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