Factory tour at JS Proputec A/S

Student visit


We often open our doors to students, who are curious and interested in how the daily business runs in our industry.

Most of them are considering their future career – and they need inspiration and seeing different kinds of possibilities to make the right decision. 

Today, students came from EUC Nord - a local educational institution. A quick tour around the factory and then back to school.

We acknowledge our social responsibility and welcome these visits and really enjoy building bridges between the industry and the students.

Who knows – maybe one of them will be a future apprentice / employee.

Contact us for more info.


Kontakt en JS Proputec ansatt

Ikke nøl med å kontakte oss, så vil vi gjøre vårt ytterste for å gi deg råd og veiledning i henhold til dine behov og krav.

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