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Cuxhaven project


Designing, producing, and installing the new raw material reception facility at fishmeal producer Bioceval (part of the SARIA group) in Cuxhaven, Germany, is a huge, time-consuming, and very exciting project.

As mentioned in previous posts (check posts below this one), the project will be installed in 2 phases, and phase 1 is running throughout the fall of 2023.

Parallel to working tirelessly on-site, our skilled craftsmen at our production facilities in Hjoerring are busy crafting additional equipment for the upcoming project phases.

One notable addition to the project is a massive truck hopper designed to be installed beneath the ground.

Upon arrival at the Bioceval fishmeal plant, trucks will efficiently unload raw materials into the hopper, with the raw materials seamlessly transported into the production plant via a feed screw at the bottom.

To enhance daily operations, we're integrating hydraulics into the hopper's lid - a customized solution that adds significant value to the project.

Special thanks to MOLITH Engineering for their exceptional teamwork in developing this customized hydraulic solution in close cooperation with Constructor Jacob Kühn.

Before long, this equipment, which was sent Friday last week, will arrive in Cuxhaven and will be installed accordingly by Peter Kristensen and Tom Christensen, who know their way around the Cuxhaven facilities after having spend quite many hours on-site during the summer. They are in Cuxhaven these days, and they are ready to proceed.

Tom and Peter - your work on-site is valuable and crucial for the overall outcome of this project, Thank you.

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