Reception facility for raw materials

Huge project


Do you remember our news post from March 2023 about the largest order in our history?

It is a HUGE project, and during the spring and summer it has taken a lot of calculation, designing, and production hours.

We are partnering with FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs on this project, which is a brand-new reception facility for raw materials for German fishmeal producer Bioceval, which is part of the SARIA group.

The whole project consists of 11 large tanks in three different sizes, feed augers, lamella pumps, and the entire piping system.

A project of this size will have to be installed in two phases.
The first phase is now.

Unlike many of us, who are on vacation these weeks (our office and production are closed weeks 29 and 30), Peter Kristensen, R&D Manager at JS Proputec A/S, and Technician Tom Christensen have been in Thyborøn (a small city located on the west coast of Denmark), where a facility for pre-installation has been set up. Yesterday, they finished their work for now 👍.

All equipment will be shipped to Cuxhaven in Germany during the next couple of days, and Peter and Tom will follow to take part in the final installation of phase 1 on-site next week.

Good job, guys!

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