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Customized solution for German customer

Largest order in our history


Our Company receives largest order in history.

We are thrilled to finally share this fantastic news with you!

During 2023 and the beginning of 2024, we will deliver a brand-new reception facility for raw materials to German fishmeal producer Bioceval, which is part of the SARIA group.

In our strategy, one of the core elements is to transform from being a supplier of lamella pumps to fish factories, slaughterhouses, and rendering plants to being a system supplier to an even larger part of the process industry.

This strategy has now been crowned with the largest order in our company's history.

"Bioceval is a huge player in this market and is about to build a new raw material plant. The factory will receive by-products for handling from filleting factories across Europe," says Anders Rytter Madsen, Managing Director at JS Proputec A/S.

The project is huge, and the plant will be installed in two phases, starting in July, and JS Proputec A/S will also be responsible for the installation at the site in Germany.

"The whole project consists of 11 large tanks in three different sizes, and we will also supply some feed augers, pumps, and the entire piping system," Area Sales Manager Henrik Groes explains.

Peter Kristensen, R&D Manager at JS Proputec A/S and the entire technical department are deeply involved in this project. This has been the case from the very beginning and will be until the final solution is up and running at the German plant. A challenging and exciting project for all.

A project in this size requires manpower – and more hands are needed. We will hire continuously as the project moves on.

This is an incredibly exciting milestone for us, and we cannot wait to get to work fulfilling this order with the utmost care and attention to detail.




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