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Our company is on a journey towards growth, and the development covers all parts of our business.
On this journey, we believe that the synergy between educational institutions and businesses, among other things, is the key to unlocking a brighter future.
A brighter future for JS Proputec A/S as we have a chance to look at potential new employees, enhance our company's brand, and gain valuable insights and ideas from the younger generation, who from day one will be looked upon as part of the JS-team.
A brighter future for the students, as this cooperation will give them an opportunity to engage with the realities of daily business operations. It's a chance to translate theoretical knowledge into practical experience, nurturing a foundation for their future professional careers. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to grow their professional network.
Please join us in welcoming:

Denise Vivien Messmann (center) is studying export and management at UCN in Aalborg. Her internship will be within sales, focusing on the German market, and within marketing, where she will assist on daily tasks. Denise will be at our office until January 2024, and already she is taking part in the daily business. Prior to the internship, Denise was our student assistant, so she is familiar with all of us.
Søren K. Ø. Steffensen (left) is studying export and technology management at UCN in Aalborg. His internship will be in quality management. Søren will be at our office until January 2024. He will spend time in our production and technical departments.
Jon Tjelle Nielsen (right) studies for his master's in management engineering, specializing in operations and supply chain management, at Aalborg University. Jon will be focusing on operations and the upcoming implementation of our new ERP system. This will also be the topic of his 9th semester project.

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