Fitted for purpose

Equipment upgrade


Upgrading for a more optimized solution.
Benefits: lower energy consumption, simple pipe design and reduction of odors.

The solution contains two complete pumps, infeed hoppers and knife gates. It is customized to fit into the customers existing equipment and each unit is to be fitted beneath a grinder, where 30 m. screw conveyors will be replaced with a single pump and piping, making the process layout much simpler.

German customer SARIA contacted JS Proputec A/S for an equipment upgrade, and the solution that we agreed upon is expected to benefit on several parameters e.g., energy consumption, odor control and optimized design of the process layout.

Overall a significant upgrade and once again a very good cooperation towards the final solution.

The diversity in our product range enables us to design these customized solutions, and we have the experience and ability to understand customer needs, so do not hesitate to contact us, if you need guidance or elaborated info in relation to our products and solutions.

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