Using less man-power

Optimized performance


Sounds almost too good to be true.

Nevertheless, this is the result achieved in many of our customer projects, and this was also the outcome in this case from Dutch customer Clazing B.V. - a modern poultry slaughterhouse in the western Netherlands. Their entire production is Halal certified, and hygiene and food safety are top focus areas.

Clazing B.V. contacted our Dutch partner Inventflow and the project took of ending up with an upgraded customized automatic solution containing well-known and high quality JS Proputec A/S products: one LAP 250 lamella pump, one Infeed Hopper and a 50-meter pipe, elevated up to 6 meters.

Project management and customer involvement went smoothly, and a happy customer reports these gained advantages:
- Improved hygiene
- Labor cost-reduction
- Wear-resistant equipment
- Energy optimization

Check out this case and other cases at our website and see how we give our customers value for their money.

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