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An excellent growth journey and ever-increasing market opportunities for the Hjørring-based pump company JS Proputec has led to the current CEO, Anders Rytter Madsen, wanting to fully focus on more market and business development. Anders will therefore continue as CCO of the company from 1 September 2023. Charlotte Møller Damgaard joins as the new CEO on the same date. Charlotte Møller Damgaard comes from a position as Supply Chain Director at a major project company. From now on, Charlotte and Anders will form the company's executive board.

Earlier this year, Hjørring-based JS Proputec announced the largest order won ever. The task is to deliver a complete plant for receiving raw materials at a large German fishmeal producer. It is seen as an important milestone in the company's planned strategic development. JS Proputec has moved from being the world's leading manufacturer of lamella pumps to also being a system supplier that, in addition to supplying its own products, handles system deliveries with integrations to other systems. Over the past 11 years, JS Proputec has managed to achieve an annual growth of 20%.

"This reorganisation must be seen as part of a continued ambitious strategy in the coming years," says Anders Rytter Madsen. "We are therefore experiencing a great need to be even closer to our customers, our local employees and partners in many parts of the world," he continues.

The Hjørring company has an export share of more than 90% and exports to all of Europe, North and South America and Asia. As the company has grown steadily over the past several years, the tasks have become more complex and time-consuming.

"I take great pride in visiting all our markets and customers, delivering strong customer care and, not least, continuously understanding the movements of our customers," says Anders Rytter Madsen. As a result, I look forward to spending more time on business development and sales work at JS Proputec," Anders Rytter Madsen continues. It is, therefore, natural for me to hand over the CEO role to a manager with many years of experience in operations management and optimisation of the end-to-end value chain in companies similar to JS Proputec. With Charlotte joining the executive board, JS Proputec will be even stronger administratively, managerially, and strategically in the future," concludes Anders Rytter Madsen.

JS Proputec's Chairman of the Board, Carsten Raunsbæk, wholeheartedly supported Anders Rytter Madsen's wish to focus 100% on commercial tasks.

"Anders has had a huge impact on the company's excellent growth journey, both externally and internally. At the same time, Anders and we on the executive board have seen an increasing need for even more management in both market development and on the internal lines in step with the company's fine development," says Carsten Raunsbæk. We could certainly have solved this with Anders continuing in the role as CEO, but Anders wanted to focus all his attention on our customers and the market," Carsten Raunsbæk continues. "Thus, we are pleased that we have been able to attract a capacity like Charlotte Møller Damgaard to our company. Charlotte has the right personality and background to fulfil the role of CEO of JS Proputec. She has good personal values as well as experience with the entire supply chain in large Danish project companies. Thus, Charlotte is a very good match in relation to our ambition of becoming a significant system supplier," concludes Carsten Raunsbæk.

Charlotte Møller Damgaard is also looking forward to starting the job as CEO of JS Proputec.

"I already knew the company and have a very good impression of both the company and not least the employees at JS Proputec. It is a great advantage for both JS Proputec and me that Anders can commit 100% to working with the customers of JS Proputec. Anders has many years of experience in the market and knows both customers and business partners well. I can contribute with my experience on the inner lines as well as the entire value chain, and I look forward to continuing the great development in JS Proputec in collaboration with Anders and all the employees in JS Proputec," says Charlotte Møller Damgaard.

For more information, please contact us:

  • Carsten Raunsbæk, Chairman of the Board, JS Proputec, Tel. 20 12 60 22, and E-mail: carsten@raunsbaek.com
  • Anders Rytter Madsen, Commercial Director, JS Proputec, Tel. +45 20 34 05 55, and E-mail: arm@jsproputec.com
  • Charlotte Møller Damgaard, CEO, JS Proputec, Tel. +45 41 99 09 26

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