JS Pipe Cleaning System

JS Pipe Cleaning System

Upon first operation and for optimal performance of the system, clean air is blown through the pipe.

After first operation JS Pigging System operates by means of air or water, which under pressure shoots a flexible rubber device called the "pig" through the pipe system in order to empty the pipes from any remaining product.

The flexible rubber pig easily passes through any pipe even if bended and can also be pushed past the T-piece seams or similar in the pipe system. This kind of pipe cleaning is far more efficient than standard clean air pipe cleaning systems, as all the residue is scrubbed from the inside of the pipe. This leaves a much cleaner mix where old solidified product does not prevent future transport.

The tube is also left in a much higher condition for possible further cleaning with e.g. CIP as there will be far less solid in the derived CIP fluid.

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JS Pipe Cleaning System


  • Clean piping - is more regular flow.
  • Ready for start-up with high quality product after a weekend or a stop in production line.
  • Better revenue.
JS Pipe Cleaning System
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