JS 100/30 Lamella Pump

The pump for smaller capacities

The JS LAP100/30 is designed to meet the need for the strong capabilities of the lamella pump in smaller capacity applications. It is characterised by having the same high quality as the other pumps in the programme, which is the JS guarantee for a perfect product.

Standard JS standard lamella pumps pump at capacities down to 3m³/h. The JS 100/30 pump is designed to operate at a range of 0.3 - 3m³/h. This enables using a durable pump for smaller tasks, where other pumps types will fail. The design of the pump is more compact and therefore offers far greater installation possibilities in areas where space is needed. Various configurations are available when orienting the gear motor to fit the desired layout. As the JS 100/30 pump is an in-line type of pump, it can pump in 2 directions, by means of a frequency converter. The sum of this provides a pump that is very flexible in close-fitted equipment installations.

JS Lamella Pump 100/30
The pump is originally intended for installations on factory trawlers. Transporting cut-offs and by-products from the fish to storage tanks, silage system or on-board fishmeal plant. As the pump requires minimal space and keeps the by-products in a closed piping system, the factory layout can be optimally utilised. The pump is designed to use only very few wear parts, which reduces the need of having parts in stock.

The pump is manufactured in stainless-steel, making it corrosion free and able to withstand the harsh environments it is intended for. In addition, the hardened stainless alloy in which the housing is made provides an extreme wear resistance, which decreases the need for service.

JS 100/30 lamella pump is suitable for:
  • Applications that require a compact installation.
  • Pumping low capacities.
  • Harsh saline environments, where high grade materials are needed.
  • Applications that require minimum stock of spare parts.
For more info and questions on how the JS 100/30 fits your set-up, contact our sales team. 
Customized JS Lamella pump 100/30

JS 100/30 Lamella pump w/ gear unit 

JS 100/30 Lamella pump w/ gear unit 

JS 100/30 Lamella pump w/ gear unit with auger

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