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Effective burning of sludge

The incineration plant AVV’s mission is to dispose of the waste of the citizens in Northern Denmark, while minimizing the damage to the surrounding environment. And the JS Piston Pump contributes to fulfill this mission.

AVV Hjoerring

AVV Hjoerring

AVV – a modern company

AVV employs approx. 100 persons and has several departments in three different locations in the Northern part of Denmark. The main plant receives waste from households and businesses in six containers every week, burns it to create energy, which is then sold to power plants. A big tank collects the polluted sludge and with the help of three feeding screws, also delivered by JS Proputec, the sludge is transported into a two-cylinder JS Piston Pump that will transfer the sludge 50 meters in length and 20 meters in height, through a JS valve and into the oven.

Background for the purchase

Because of legal changes in 2001, AVV was no longer allowed to spread the sludge directly onto the fields, and there was a need for AVV to find an alternative to get rid of the sludge. The solution was to burn it. However, AVV faced some challenges in getting the sludge from the collection point into the oven and tested different solutions. 

Firstly, they used a one-cylinder piston pump bought from a German company, but that did not work. With 20 years of experience in the company, the head of mechanical maintenance, Torben Skoven, knows everything there is to know about the daily operation of pumps. He explains:

Torben Skoven

Torben Skoven

– The first pump we tried was not an optimal solution! The pump filled a tank with sludge and when the viscosity was too low, the piston went backwards and the 4-5 tons from the tank entered the oven and extinguished the fire. We tried different solutions, but nothing seemed to work properly.

AVV was on the lookout for something stationary, permanent and stable. In the summer of 2002, AVV decided to purchase the JS Piston Pump. When JS Proputec got notice of the trouble AVV had, they offered a solution with a two-cylinder piston pump, and Torben Skoven believed in the idea:

– JS Proputec told us they could do it. And they did! We bought the two-cylinder piston pump, and we have been happy with this solution ever since.

Decision to purchase

When asked if he considered alternative pump suppliers, Torben answers:

– We had a couple suppliers giving offers, but we found that the alternatives were significantly more expensive, and since JS Proputec always has been known for its high quality, the decision was not difficult to make. We know that you get what you pay for, but JS Proputec is Danish quality at its best.


The service aspect was also a top priority for Torben Skoven when the buying decision had to be made. Normal wear and tear is inevitably. Torben explains that the pump runs 16,000-20,000 hours before maintenance is needed.

– Service is crucial for us. And we have not been disappointed!  JS Proputec has almost always a complete set of spare parts in stock, so quick delivery is guaranteed.

Torben Skoven has a personal contact person at JS Proputec at his disposal. He checks up on the pump every Friday to ensure that it runs efficiently.

– When I call Peter he normally says: Torben just let me finish my coffee, and I will be right over! However, when the matter is urgent, Peter will not finish his coffee, Torben says with a grin.