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Piston Pumps

JS Piston Pumps are especially suitable for pumping products with high solids content such as sludge.

The Piston Pump is a very cost-efficient solution compared to comparable alternatives.

The cylinders run independently of each other and compress the material before pumping.

A low piston velocity reduces the pressure chock waves from the pistons in the following pipe system. The material will, therefore, undergo a regular pressure.

The JS Piston Pumps entail a low initial investment as well as low running and maintenance costs.

The cylinder pipe is coated with 0.3 mm hard chrome.

Spare parts are made of hardened steel and can be renovated.

For more information about the Piston pump and its capacity please contact JS Proputec A/S

Read the case of the incineration plant AVV in Northern Denmark, that effectively burns sludge thanks to the installation of the JS Piston Pump.

Piston Pumps