Plukon Food Group

Upgrading for better performance and hygiene

Plukon Food Group

The Plukon Food Group is one of the largest players on the European poultry market, supplying chicken products and ready meals to leading European food partners. 
With 18 sites across five countries and employing more than 5,000 people, the Plukon Food Group plays a leading international role when it comes to transforming customer needs into innovative products, formats and farming solutions.
The Plukon Food Group operates eleven poultry abattoirs and seven processing and packaging plants across the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Poland, where 8 million chickens are processed on a weekly basis.

Rendering of chicken by-products

In January 2019, the Plukon Food Group BV/Plukon Wezep BV contacted JS distributor - IB POMPEN who operate in the Netherlands. They wanted to upgrade the rendering procedures of chicken by-products in order to enhance performance, working conditions and the overall hygiene, when handling the product.
We paid them a visit to understand the challenges, and to understand the need for an upgraded and more contemporary solution.
Rendering of chicken by-products and offals

The challenge

Back in January 2019, the Plukon Food Group used a progressive cavity pump which was under-performing.

As a temporary solution for loss of performance, the Plukon Food Group had to transport the by-products in transportation bins (as shown above), emptying them on conveyer belts for further transport to the production facility.
New solution for raw material transportation

Changes ahead

Manual handling of a volume of approx. 3,7-4,3 t/h was demanding, and it was therefore time to switch to a more contemporary solution in view of working conditions and issues relating to hygiene.
The use of safety hatches failed to rectify matters. This led to the by-products being handled inappropriately, resulting in unsatisfactory working conditions, poor hygiene and more cleaning.
Changes were needed.
JS Proputec provides the right solution

The solution

The solution - focussing on performance and better hygiene contained:
Better performance and upgraded hygiene by JS Proputec
The Plukon Food Group, IB Pompen and JS Proputec cooperated on the general implementation of the project, and JS Proputec took care of all measurement and adjustments of production layouts.  
The project team were soon able to identify an optimal solution which was put in place in close cooperation with staff from the Plukon Food Group.
JS Proputec equipment for the Plukon Food Group

Smooth running project management!

According to Edu Beumer at IB Pompen :
– The beauty of the project and the cooperation with JS Proputec was the smooth way in which the project ran from start to finish. Within a week of visiting Blokker where the plant was located, we presented Plukon with a fully tailor-made solution. I knew then that this would be a successful project. Now we only had to wait for approval of the project by Plukon.

Our customer is very happy with the pump and the customised hopper, which was put into operation in August 2019 and has performed without any problems ever since!
Download case.
Watch video from the Ploukon Food Group, Blokker in the Netherlands.
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