Pet Food

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High quality customised solutions

JS Proputec provides solutions for transportation, grinding, and
handling of the raw material within pet food production world-wide.

High quality customised solutions

Unloading of truck

The raw material used in the pet food industry is often received by truck. JS Proputec manufactures customised unloading bins to fit the exact space where it is needed. The unloading bin is often combined with a lamella pump or a screw conveyor for further transportation.

All material used can be certified under the EU regulation for food contact materials EC no. 1935/2004
JS Proputec unloading bin

Raw material transportation   

The JS lamella pump is, due to its tough and robust design, the ideal choice for moving a high viscosity media like fish and animal by-product over long distances. For short distances JS also manufacture high quality screw conveyors.
Raw material transportation

Feeding of plate freezers

Due the steady flow, the JS lamella pump can be used to feed the plate freezers in pet food processing. For this application we recommend the JS HP Lamella pump, which is better for the material from grinders, which has a lower viscosity, than the raw material. For reference please see the published case from Rogaland Pelsdyrförlag AL.
Feeding of plate freezers in the pet food industry
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