Meeting our Moroccan colleague.



A while ago we announced hiring Fouad FDAIL as our Consultant in Morocco – this is a co-agreement between Greenline Fishing Gear A/S and JS Proputec A/S, and Fouad represents both our companies in Morocco.

This week, he finally came to visit both companies. Covid-19 restrictions allowed this, and the meeting has been planned for quite some time.

Fouad Fdail met with all colleagues, and learned all the basics about products, solutions and generally a lot about the way we do business.

This combined with his own hands-on experience within primarily the fishing industry gives him a good ballast to continue his work locally.

Leaving the office today, Fouad is ready to build relations to Moroccan customers even stronger.

Great to finally meet you, Fouad!


Kontakt en JS Proputec ansatt

Ikke nøl med å kontakte oss, så vil vi gjøre vårt ytterste for å gi deg råd og veiledning i henhold til dine behov og krav.

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