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Technical department on tour

Gaining knowledge


Last week FF Skagen opened the door for the JS Proputec A/S technical department, and they were eager to see the facilities where 170.000 tonnes of fishmeal and fish oil are produced and distributed to more than 60 countries every year.

Being one of our solid customers FF Skagen is familiar with the products and solutions we have delivered over the years – standard, customized, and fitted for purpose. The aim of the meeting was to build relations between our two companies even stronger, and to give our technical staff new knowledge and experience to implement in new developments in the future.

Development of new products and features is very often based on wishes, demands and ideas from our customers and this supplemented with end-user visits give us insights and inspiration that on a longer term will add value and make a difference for our customers.

It was a really rewarding visit, which we hope to reciprocate in the future. We thank Jonas Løth, FF Skagen for the hospitality.

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