Heinrich Nagel GmbH

Upgrading for better performance and conditions

Replacement of old Piston Pump

Heinrich Nagel GmbH contacted the JS Proputec Sales Team in relation to a specific challenge they had moving by-products from an unloading area to a processing line in their factory.

The Challenge
By-products were to be lifted more than 8 meters from under the crusher and 40 meters along the ceiling to the holding bin.

Replacement of piston pump to a Lamella Pump

Finding the optimal solution

The JS project team worked in close cooperation with Heinrich Nagel GmbH to find the optimal solution. Due to its reduced power consumption and maintenance, the JS Lamella pump was chosen.

Thereby, it was possible to realise a more environmentally friendly production with lower operation costs - all without losing efficiency.

The JS solution also provided a more continuous flow, lower pressure and less wear on the pipeline.
Rendering of chicken by-products and offals

Significantly better performance

The JS Lamella Pump is significantly less noisy and takes up little space compared to the piston pump.

It operates within closed environments that prevents any smells - all-together creating a healthier working environment.

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JS Lamella pump
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