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FF Skagen Capacity Expansion

As well as being a specialized supplier of pumps for use in various industries, JS Proputec A/S is also involved in bigger turnkey projects where tight schedules apply.

These include a project at FF Skagen – one of the leading manufacturers of fishmeal in the world. 

Besides being a close partner with others involved in the project, JS Proputec A/S also supplied products to the new plant – many of which were specially designed specifically for this project: feeding screws to new raw material silos, feeding screws in new reception central, specially designed trough screws, specially designed concrete boxes to in- and outlet, components for measuring rest volume, and 8 lamella pumps in total.

Lamella Pumps delivered to FF Skagen

Lamella Pumps delivered to FF Skagen

FF Skagen saw a potential for further growth and needed a new tank plant.

The desire was that this new plant would provide FF Skagen the much desired capacity expansion, but also greater flexibility.



Thomas Rasmussen

Thomas Rasmussen

Thomas Rasmussen, Technical Director at FF Skagen says: 

– Through a long-standing collaboration with JS Proputec A/S as our supplier of amongst other things lamella pumps, we know they always deliver excellence, which was one of the main reasons why JS Proputec A/S was chosen as the supplier for the project.

The solution to FF Skagen wishes was a new raw material system, where the raw materials were to be transported from a pilot center on the quay to the tanks via the JS Lamella Pump. From the tanks, the raw materials will then be delivered – via twin screws to several other lamella pumps, which will pump the material to the production facility. Here FF Skagen has the ability to control the flow of raw materials individually from each tank via slide gates to the plant. This slide gate allows flexibility, since that can be closed at some tanks, while others continue.

Hydraulic motors drive the double screws in the tanks. The screws pull the fish into an output box (which is also provided by JS Proputec A/S) that will lead the fish into the lamella pump. The JS Lamella Pumps are provided with a hatch that allows cleaning.

The project was underway for two years and during this time JS Proputec A/S has contributed with their expertise in building and planning meetings. A content Thomas Rasmussen says:

– JS Proputec A/S has served as an excellent sparring partner through the whole process with their expertise in this area. They have delivered within the agreed timeframes, which is why we were glad that we chose them.